The UL approved Sauna Fix® is a powerful near infrared sauna that is designed to enhance the detoxification process and reduce chronic infections.  Near infrared sauna therapy requires less electricity than far infrared saunas, and also provides many benefits such as increased metabolism, body temperature, and energy.

The Sauna Fix® was designed to match Dr. Wilson’s dimensional specifications and meet the Federal requirements of assembled fixtures. It was also constructed to suit consumers’ needs as it requires no assembly, is portable and lightweight (12 pounds), and can easily be transported with the complementary Sauna Fix® Travel Bag.  There is minimal heat transfer from the bulbs to the metal of the light fixture to prevent burns.

Sauna Fix

The Stay Safe glasses are recommended in order to properly shield the eyes from the sauna’s near infrared rays.   This protection is essential to prevent long term, permanent damage.  No other safety glasses on the market can cover the range of the Stay Safe glasses. They are rated for UV400 protection and are custom manufactured with polycarbonate lenses to cover 100% of IPL 190-1800 nano meters of light.


There are many other optional accessories available for use with the Sauna Fix®, including the patent pending Portable Sauna Tent.  This sauna tent is designed with radiant insulated fabric rather than a canvas cover.  Due to the design, pre-heating is not necessary and there is no outgassing.  Heat is effectively retained inside the enclosure to ensure high temperatures for near infrared sauna therapy.  The tent measures 4’ x 4’ x 5’, weighs 18 pounds, and is easily assembled without tools.

Ultimate Bundle

The Bamboo Mat is 45” x 45” and made from all natural organic bamboo with a felt backing and cotton canvas bound edge.  The bamboo was naturally fumigated through a process of boiling, then carbonizing through high heat under pressure baking.

GHN Skin Brush 2

The Natural Bristle Dry Skin Brush is an effective tool used to loosen toxic matter and stimulate the expulsion of mucus before taking a near infrared sauna.