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Wellness Shopping Online sells various brands of nutritional supplements, laboratory hair analysis known as a Tissue Mineral Analysis, and detoxification equipment for use with Nutritional Balancing Science. Hair analysis manipulates the body’s metabolism to alter electrolytes which causes mobilization of toxic metals from tissue storage sites.

Nutritional Balancing Science is not new and was pioneered by Dr. Paul C. Eck in the late 1970’s and further refined by Dr. Lawrence Wilson. The purpose of Wellness Shopping Online is to provide all the testing, supplements and detoxification equipment necessary to implement the Nutritional Balancing Program into the ordinary daily lives of clients all over the world.

Practitioner Eileen Durfee sells hair analysis for affordable prices to encourage clients to get regular retesting and accurately guide their detoxification process. The need for retesting is often misunderstood, and can be compared to a dyno test measuring the horse power and torque of a motor. It is a snap shot in time measuring the oxidation rate or speed of the energy production glands in the body. With the results of the hair analysis, an individualized supplement program and diet are determined to optimize the clients’ metabolism. The effects of the recommendations from a hair analysis are much like changing the rate of air intake and metering of fuel for combustion on a motor. The goal is to extract as much horse power and torque out of the metabolism as possible to provide clients with more biochemical energy for detoxification, healing, and to improve their function and quality of life.

Popular Wellness Shopping Online brands include: Endo-met Supplements, Analytical Research Laboratories, Trace Elements, Azure Standard, Nature’s Way, Progressive Laboratories, Carlson Labs, and Creatrix Solutions LLC, among others. More and more products are being tested and developed by founder Eileen Durfee and added to the product offerings on Wellness Shopping Online.

Founder Eileen Durfee also emphasizes education, does one on one consultations and provides listeners with tutorial audio files.

Go Healthy Next is your one stop shop for Nutritional Balancing Science, providing laboratory services, nutritional supplements and detoxification equipment. Practitioner Eileen Durfee offers laboratory hair analysis from Analytical Research Laboratories and consultation services. Her main focus is educating clients on safe and effective detoxification techniques. Through a life-long health quest, founder Eileen Durfee has improved upon methods for integrating the recommended detoxification protocols into everyday life.

Under the Creatrix Solutions LLC brand, Eileen has developed multiple products that Go Healthy Next sells to clients all over the world. The products include a near infrared sauna, known as the Sauna Fix®; plasma air purifiers, known as the Breathe Safe™, and the Tri-Oxy® RE-ION, which is a multi-function device that ozonates water for cleansing and drinking; the Tri-Oxy REVIVE, a hand held high frequency massage device; the Tri-Oxy® PURE, an instant on demand ozone water injection system; and the ION Brite™, an anion LED luminaire that purifies the air. Many more products are in development and testing phases. To streamline turn-around time on laboratory hair analysis, Go Healthy Next takes advantage of technology whenever possible and sells hair analysis as a downloaded product. Customers instantly receive a link to download their lab order form and instructions, and then mail the hair sample directly to the laboratory. The Nutritional Balancing Science Academy Membership form and the Initial and Retest Information Sheets are filled out by clients securely online with the Adobe eSign services.

Go Healthy Next offers hair analysis at some of the most affordable prices to encourage regular retesting for appropriately guided supplementation and detoxification protocols during Nutritional Balancing programs. Founder Eileen Durfee has a passion to bring the concepts of Nutritional Balancing Science to the main stream media and help more people restore health and improve quality of life. Far too many people are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and have tried everything, like founder Eileen Durfee, to no avail. Nutritional Balancing Science provides a safe and scientific way to fix the reasons why our bodies collect so many toxic metals and contaminants. This is far better than just chelating and detoxifying, which strips out the good minerals with the bad.

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