Eileen Durfee founded Creatrix Solutions to develop and supply health products to customers around the world.  Durfee’s mission to overcome her own personal health issues led to collaborative efforts with other professionals. As a Dr. Wilson approved practitioner, Durfee specializes in laboratory hair analysis and Nutritional Balancing science. Creatrix Solutions sells hair analysis tests, the recommended Endo-met supplements, and several detoxification equipment designed, tested, patented, and manufactured by Durfee. The Sauna Fix® is Dr. Wilson approved for excellent near infrared sauna therapy to advance the nutritional balancing progress. Tri-Oxy® is the line of ozone generators which all serve different functions.  The Tri-Oxy® RE-ION is a dual plasma and ozone generator, while the portable Breathe Safe plasma generator is perfect to keep negative ions around on the go. The Tri-Oxy® PURE injects ozone into water supply lines of any plumbing fixture such as kitchen sinks, laundry machines, and showers.