Organic Fabric

Stock Up on Organic Bamboo/Cotton Fleece Fabric for Your Sewing Projects!

This bamboo and cotton (80/20) fleece fabric offered by Creatrix Solutions is 100% certified organic, stone-washed, extremely absorbent, and incredibly soft! It is thick and hard to find in the U.S. market, even though it is perfect for crafting of throw rugs and blankets, furniture slip covers, cloth diapers, and other types of home sewing projects. 

Each yard of the fleece fabric is 54" (approximately 1.37 meters) wide and can be purchased in increments of 1/4 yard (0.229 m), up to 10 yards (9.144 meters). Small 4" by 10" (10.16 cm x 25.4 cm) samples can be purchased as well. 

Pre-sewn products from bamboo and cotton fleece, made in the USAare also available for purchase. This includes a 4' x 4' floor throw rug and comfortable stool seat cover, which is perfectly sized to fit poplar and alder stools sold in the Sauna Accessories section.