The CE and ROHS certified Breathe Safe is a compact and portable plasma generator and air purifier.  This device provides an affordable and simple way to clean the air.  It generates millions of plasma ions that work to reduce bacteria, viruses, particulates, dust, mold, pollen, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air.  Plasma exposure purifies the air through bacteria and virus filtration and energizes electrodes to kill captured organisms.

Breathe Safe 2

There are three operating functions to choose from including continuous plasma, plasma cycles between two minutes on and one minute off, and plasma cycles between one minute on and two minutes off.  This machine can be easily plugged in anywhere as it is compatible with a USB port or portable battery pack. It is versatile enough to work with many kinds of electrical adapters, including a 12V Cigarette Lighter, 100V Outlet 2 Flat Prongs, and 220V Outlet European 2 Round Pins.

breathesafe on desk