How to Foam Roll Your Back for Back Pain Relief At Home

Introducing the NEW "Back Trac"

The best foam roller for at home back pain relief in your mid back and full back is the "Back Trac" by Creatrix Solutions. As you roll your back on the Back Trac, you can hear popping and clicking as your spine goes into better alignment. The deep groove of the Back Trac allows your spine to float comfortably as the foam roller relaxes the muscles and ligaments of your back. It is like an at home massage for your spine, and you can take it anywhere you go!

Why Do You Need the Back Trac? Throughout the growth and development of the spine, accumulated trauma and repetitive motions modify global alignment of vertebrae, with adaptive spinal segments. The adaptive posture becomes painful and limits the range of motion, and reduces endurance and athletic ability. If not corrected, joint discs can be damaged, and vertebral joints can suffer excess wear and tear. This is where the Back Trac is most beneficial and superior to all other types of foam rollers on the market for at home back pain relief. We recommend rolling on the Back Trac a few times each morning and evening (or anytime when you need a quick massage) to achieve and maintain spinal health!

Why is the "Back Trac" THE BEST Foam Roller for Mid Back Pain Relief?

The Back Trac allows your spinal joints to STRETCH! Each vertebra has four joint surfaces (for a total of 364 joints in the spine) that connect to other vertebrae, in addition to connecting with the spinal discs, ribs, sacrum, skull and other structures. By laying your back on the Back Trac, and rolling back and forth, your body weight applies pressure to realign your vertebrae. This process stretches the intervertebral joints, opens up the meninges, and reduces pinched nerves, which improves joint health and global alignment. After rolling on the Back Trac, almost everyone will hear their vertebrae pop and feel the realignment, so that when you stand up, you will feel taller and straighter! The instant relief you can feel from your back pain is amazing!

Just Let It Float!

All other foam, plastic and rubber back rollers on the market are NOT comfortable because they put pressure on your spine, which can be painful.

The patented, deep groove of the Back Trac guides the vertebrae into a more desirable alignment (which is NOT possible with other types of rollers) without causing undue pain and stress on the spine.

The deep groove of the Back Trac gives your spinous the room to float, thus protecting your vertebrae, as your muscles and ligaments are allowed to relax and realign.

What Size is the "Back Trac?"

The Back Trac is large enough to hold the weight of your body, yet small enough to carry in your hand! So it is great to use at home or take with you on the go for quick and easy back pain relief anywhere!

The patented Back Trac is a six (6) inch diameter roll that is twelve (12) inches long. It has a special groove in the middle that allows the spinous to float, and simultaneously supports the transverse process of the vertebrae. Like all our exercise products, we made the Back Trac based on science and mathematical equations, from the research conducted by Dr. John S. Scherger.

Featured Videos

Roll on the Back Trac

How to Use It

Watch this video on the Back Trac to learn how the Back Trac works and how it can help alleviate the pain in your mid or upper back, as well as your full back.

The combination of our foam with the specific groove in the Back Trac encourages process intervertebral joints to stretch (opening up the meninges) to reduce pinched nerves and improve spinal health.

Realign Your Spine

Why It Rolls Away Back Pain

Learn from inventor Eileen Durfee how the Back Trac has a patented groove for your spine that works like a train on a train track!

The groove allows BOTH the spinous to float WITHOUT PAIN, and ALSO catches the transverse process to encourage alignment. By rolling back and forth on it, your body weight allows the vertebrae to realign.  

How Firm is the "Back Trac" Foam Roller?

The Back Trac is available in two densities. The orange is the medium density foam roller, which is great for beginners or for injuries. Then once the back is in great alignment (or for improving athletic performance) maroon is the hard density foam roller we recommend.

Two Options to Order

ORANGE MEDIUM BACK TRAC FOAM ROLLER: If you are in pain or have suffered recent trauma, we recommend beginning with the medium density Orange Back Trac. It is soft enough to feel comfortable even when suffering from a back injury, and hard enough to support your weight.

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MAROON HARD BACK TRAC FOAM ROLLER: Once you have stabilized, we recommend graduating to the hard density Maroon Back Trac. The hard density Back Trac quickly stretches and improves global alignment of the spine, improving athletic ability and endurance.

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