Check out the Tri-Oxy® line of ozone generators created by Eileen Durfee.  Tri-Oxy® refers to trioxygen which is another word for ozone, or O3.

The Tri-Oxy® PURE supplies instant ozone gas for running water in and around your home. It is versatile enough to be used in the kitchen, laundry, shower, and even as a garden sprayer. The included venturi injectors supply up to 0.998859 milligrams of ozone per liter of water. This concentration is powerful enough to reduce bacteria, viruses, contamination and more without exceeding toxic ambient levels.


The Tri-Oxy® RE-ION II is a dual functioning machine that produces both plasma and ozone. This device clears the air of bacteria, viruses, fungus, spores and more with plasma that leaves behind millions of powerful negative ions. Ozone can be discharged directly into the air or through the included silicone tubing and stone diffusers for ozonated drinking water and clean food.

Tri-Oxy RE-ION 3

The Tri-Oxy® FRESH is a water ozonator that supplies ozone to create ozonated water for drinking, bathing, and cleaning.  The ozone produced from this machine can also help clear the air of bacteria and unpleasant odors.  The FRESH is available in both 110V and 220-240V for customers from different countries.


The Tri-Oxy® REVIVE is a high frequency ozone tool used for relaxation with argon and neon gas glass tubes.  These electrodes can slide and glide across the skin surface for enhanced relaxation.  An ozone byproduct of no more than 0.01 part per million is produced by the electrodes which meets FDA standards for safety.