As part of the Creatrix Solutions branding strategy, unique relevant trademarks have been acquired, and additional applications have been filed and are planned in the near future.

Sauna Fix®

The near infrared sauna developed by founder Eileen Durfee is known as the Sauna Fix®. In Nutritional Balancing Science, daily near infrared saunas are recommended as one of the main detoxification protocols. With such an important therapy, Eileen improved on a good thing and designed a light weight, portable, 4 bulb, UL Listed, brushed nickel lighting fixture that can hang anywhere and is suitable for the most chemically sensitive individuals. Sauna therapy has been around for thousands of years and the health benefits are undisputed. With the Sauna Fix®, people can simultaneously experience heat stress and photo therapy, avoid excessive electromagnetic exposure and experience vigorous circulation benefits from side to side blood shunting.

Sauna Fix® Trademark


The water ozonators developed by Eileen dissolve ozone gas molecules into water through either venture injection or diffusers. Biochemically ozone is recognized as O3 or tri-oxygen and is used to purify water and add active oxygen to drinking water. The water ozonator product line is branded with Tri-Oxy® which includes the Tri-Oxy® RE-ION, Tri-Oxy® PURE, Tri-Oxy® FRESH, and Tri-Oxy® REFRESH.

Tri-Oxy® Trademark

Breathe Safe®

The revolutionary portable plasma air purifier, known as the Breathe Safe®, is small and powered by any power source in the world. You can Breathe Safe® by taking your personal air purifier with you and simply plugging it into your cell phone external battery pack, cigarette lighter, computer USB port, 110 volt or 240 volt outlet. The Trademark application for the Breathe Safe® has been accepted and sent out for publication and the official registration of Breathe Safe trademark is forthcoming. In addition, multiple certification and third party laboratory tests validate the effectiveness of the Breathe Safe®, which shows a reduction of 86.4% Total Volatile Organic Compounds, 99.68% Particulates, and 46.1% Bacteria, with further testing under way.

Breathe Safe® Trademark

ION Brite™

The ION Brite Bulbs neutralize harmful substances and organisms created by indoor electronics and ventilation ducts. These bulbs produces 2,400,000 negative ions (anions) per cubic centimeter, which is about the size of a sugar cube.  They have a 30,000 hour life span and can help save electricity. The bulbs are currently available in 3W, 5W and 7W in both cool and warm tones.

ION Brite™ Trademark