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Shop Essiac Rejuvenation Tea by Natural Health Resources and Aloe Vera Crystals by Natur-PUR

Superfoods Essiac Tea Aloe Vera CrystalsNurse Rene Caisse used 5 herbs in her original recipe of the Essiac herbal tea. The Natural Health Resources has restored the formula, with the correct percentage of each herb that was used. Their Essiac Rejuvenation Tea is made of organic herbs Caisse last used for her formula, with the addition of sheep sorrel plant (leaves, roots, and stems). 

Aloe Vera Crystals by Natur-PUR are made of the only USDA certified Aloe Vera whole leafs that are organically grown in the U.S. They contain the pure inner gel that is cryogenically frozen. It is a 100% organic super-nutrient, since it only takes 1 oz packet of crystals to produce a whole gallon of Pure 1X Aloe Vera juice.

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