Near Infrared Sauna Bag (PCT Patent Pending)

The Sauna Bag patent prevents the competition from using any other bag designed to carry near infrared sauna light panels.  The Sauna Bag provides a convenient way to transport, store, and/or protect a near infrared sauna light panel. The bag is designed to fit diamond and rectangular shaped saunas with three or four bulb configurations. It can generally hold a portable near infrared sauna between five and twenty pounds, without the need to remove the bulbs.  It also contains small removable pouches which are designed to hold the Stay Safe glasses and the Sauna Fix’s® chains and cords.

Sauna Bag Patent

Plasma Air Purifier (PCT Patent Pending)

The unique boosted circuit and shape of the Breathe Safe® air purifier produces large amounts of ions (19,100,000 negative ions and 4,350,000 positive ions) without toxic amounts of ozone in a very small piece of equipment.  The Breathe Safe® is designed for air treatment and purification on the go and for adding ions back into sauna therapy.   The ions generated powerfully break down harmful chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulates, bacteria, mold, and viruses in the air. The Breathe Safe® is lightweight, portable and has overcome the disadvantages of corona discharge plasma generators. It produces little to no audible noise and does not have power loss, insulation damage of devices, purple glow, or static electricity discharge issues.

Breathe Safe Patent

Breathe Safe Trademark

Portable Near-Infrared Sauna Tent (PCT Patent Pending)

The Sauna Tent patent prevents the competition from using a radiant tent as an enclosure with near infrared sauna light arrays.   The Sauna Tent has been designed with radiant insulated fabric in order to maximize photo therapy during near infrared sauna sessions. The reflective insulation of the material reflects the lamp panel’s radiant energy, contains the energy within the tent closure, and increases the enclosure temperature eliminating preheating of the sauna saving electricity. The tent-pole push-button connectors snap together simplifying the setup and tear down process, making transportation and storage of the Sauna Fix® system possible in minutes.

Sauna Tent Patent

Sauna Trademark