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The ION Brite LED Anion Bulbs are designed to purify the air by neutralizing hazardous substances and organisms.  They produce 2,400,000 negative ions (anions) per cubic centimeter and are successful at achieving sterilization, as evidenced by the Bacteria Test Report with a 99.9% purifying effect.  The Air Purifying Test Report shows the bulbs’ efficiency at purification, with a 93.8% effect on Formaldehyde, 89.6% on Benzene, 84.5% on Ammonia, and 89.1% on TVOC.  The bulbs ability to work as a positive and negative ion generator is displayed with the Negative Ionanion Output Test Report which shows a 2.40×104 unit/cm3 concentration of negative ions and a 0.018 ppm concentration of ozone.

You can also view the EMC Test Report for information regarding emission levels from the bulbs,  the reduction of smoke concentration with the Smoke Test Report, as well as the ROHS Test Report, Electromagnetic Test Report and Certificate of Conformity, and Low Voltage Directive Test Report and Certificate of Conformity.

The ION Brite LED Anion Bulbs  have a life span of 30,000 hours to help minimize use of electricity.  The bulbs are offered in both cool and warm tones, and in 3W, 5W, and 7W options.



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