Top 5 Back Pain Solutions

Top 5 Back Pain Solutions

Posted by Eileen Durfee on Aug 6th 2021

Back pain is an issue that plagues many of us, but few are sure just why they have pain or how to get rid of it. The challenge is that the back is such a complex network of muscles, and many of the things we do each day take a specific toll on different areas.

Woman Experiencing Pain in Her Back

Lower back pain, upper back pain, and everything in between comes from a combination of our activities and our posture. So we're going to take a look at five back pain solutions today, giving you some ideas on how to move forward.

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1. Improve Spinal Fitness

One of the key issues for most people with back pain is spinal fitness. Whether it's your posture or a different complication in your back, there's a good chance that your spine is the reason that you're getting regular aches and pains.

Our bodies are meant to function with proper posture, and losing touch with your posture can put undue strain on various muscles. For example, kyphosis, or a curvature in the spine's thoracic area, is an issue that causes a lot of issues with upper back pain.

The cervical spine, or the vertebrae in the neck area, is another big issue for many people. Looking at phones or sitting at an ill-positioned computer all day can hurt your cervical spine. Either your posture will suffer, or your shoulder and neck muscles will be in a lot of pain.

Relieving back pain with spinal fitness equipment is a great way to start seeing results. For example, devices like the Creatrix neck shaper allow you to adjust your cervical spine into a healthier position.

2. Stretching Often

Stretching your muscles is a great way to activate and strengthen them. If your muscles are stretched before you go through difficult activities, you'll be less likely to pull or strain them.

Man Stretching While At Work

Further, stretching muscles that are in distress can help to alleviate some of that pain. It increases blood flow to the area and sends oxygen to the activated muscles to increase healing.

A lot of the stretches in practices like yoga help to coordinate the body and align the joints. Better alignment in your joints leads to an easier time for your spine. However, everything is connected to everything else, so when one thing is out of order, some other part of your body suffers too.

Stretching can serve as a way to correct issues, but it's better used as a way to prevent those issues from happening in the first place.

3. Create Spinal Awareness

Once you start to recognize the importance of the spine when it comes to back pain, you might notice that you're more aware of your posture throughout the day.

Almost everything we do requires us to adjust the position of some part of our spine. Driving, sitting at a desk, looking at our phones, lifting heavy objects, or standing around are all things that require a unique spine position. In all of those cases, you can improperly situate your spine. So there's a good chance that something you do every day is a big contributor to your back pain.

For example, think about the amount of time you spend on your phone. You can check your screen time in your phone settings if you have a smartphone.

If you're sitting with your head tilted down for, say, three hours per day, that puts a lot of strain on the muscles of your upper back and neck. Those who have a knot in one side of their upper back, just to the side of their spine, might be suffering from the way they look at their phones.

Those who have been using a cell phone that much for a period of years might have significant pain and not know why it persists. Try to be mindful of your spine throughout the day, and see if you can pinpoint things contributing to your main back issues.

A good way to start to generate awareness is through the practice of yoga. Yoga helps generate awareness of various parts of the body, but the spine plays a large part in any yoga practice. You can learn to feel the regions of your spine while you're strengthening and stretching your muscles.

Doing yoga in a hot sauna environment might even kickstart that healing a little faster.

4. Exercise More

Strengthening your muscles will help to reduce the pain you feel. As a result, you'll have an easier time going about your daily tasks, and there will be a smaller chance that you'll pull or strain your back.

Further, exercising muscles is good for them, and working out your back and neck will help your muscles support your spine. Your spine sits the way it does as a result of the muscular structure of your back.

When you strengthen various muscles, your posture and spinal fitness will improve, leaving you with less pain.

5. Physical Therapy

When things get too serious to take care of yourself, physical therapy is a great option. A physical therapist will work out the particular issue and give you insight into ways that you can move forward.

Man Goes Through Physical Therapy

That said, a person can improve the state of their back. Of course, you might need a few tools like the Creatrix neck shaper, but you do have the power to improve your posture and reduce your pain.

If you're past that point and your back pain is interfering with your ability to live your life, though, professional help might be the way to go.

Looking for More Back Pain Solutions?

Finding back pain solutions can be tough because there are so many issues that cause back pain. Fortunately, though, there are just as many solutions.

We're here to help you find what you need when it comes to improving the state of your back and neck. Please explore our site for more ideas and tools to use in your search for a pain-free back.